Tactics for the Tightrope

Creative Resilience for Creative Communities

A new book by Mark Robinson

Part manifesto, part toolkit, Tactics for the Tightrope shows how creative resilience can be a process of resistance not co-option, and can help anyone connect, collaborate and multiply the voices of creative communities, to move from hurt to hope.

Life on the tightrope of the cultural sector can be a thrilling, perilous act. This book – published by Future Arts Centres – is for those that want to find their own ways to dream on the tightrope and to invite others to join them. But remember, the tightrope only looks like a straight line…

“In this generous book about agency and change, Mark Robinson offers tools and thinking to help those working in the arts and cultural sector understand and make the best use of the assets we have, to make the change that we need. A book to read right now, for sure, and one I can see myself dipping into again for many years to come.”

Moira Sinclair, Paul Hamlyn Foundation

“Philosophical, poetic and hugely practical: I ended up feeling some of the ideas in the book as well as understanding them as concepts. The Tools and Tactics are brilliant and very immediately usable.”

Rachel Adam, Museums Northumberland bait

Hard copies are available to pre-order here from Mon 21 Jun at a cost of £10 + £3.50 postage & packing. Publication is scheduled for Friday 23 July, all hard copies will be dispatched after this date. 

A free download of this publication will also be available from Fri 1 Oct.