About Thinking Practice

Thinking Practice works to build the creative resilience
of creative communities.

Thinking Practice is a one man band plus mates featuring Mark Robinson and can work with you in a number of ways:

  • Working with staff and boards on organisational development, often through processes which include stakeholder research, facilitated sessions and drafting of business plans, or by being a critical friend and support through this process
  • Facilitation of workshops, planning sessions, staff and board away days, or partnership discussions and negotiations which would benefit from an external voice
  • Coaching and mentoring for leaders in all sectors
  • Training and professional development workshops for groups
  • Evaluation, learning and reflection on practice, from ‘after-action review’ sessions to large scale evaluations of projects, usually combining quantitative and qualitative approaches and the unique Thinking Practice perspective
  • Writing and editing services – we like writing things based on our work or research, but can also help to draw out the core of your strategies and plans through our editing skills

Mark also works with associates to complement his knowledge, with EW Group around equality and diversity and Imogen Blood Associates and Lorna Easterbrook on arts and older people.