‘(Mark’s) ability to encourage everyone to participate meaningfully in the task at hand makes him a brilliant convenor and facilitator. His capacity to reflect creates the conditions for conversations that matter.’
Clare Cooper, Mission Models Money

Some times it can be really helpful having a skilled facilitator help you through a development process, bring people together, or take a group of people work towards a more formal partnership. Mark is an experienced facilitator and has worked in a number of scenarios:

    • board and staff away days
    • ideas generation and prioritisation
    • partnership development
    • stakeholder input and consultation
    • leading for a leadership development programme (for Visual Arts UK) including design and delivery

Every facilitation job is different, and the plan will be tailored to suit your context and aims for the session or series of sessions. We always work carefully to deliver aims – and can help you refine your aims if need be – whilst making sure the process is enjoyable and creative. We tend to avoid role play, unless really necessary, but do go in for quite a lot of drawing as well as talking and thinking. We plan carefully to get the most from everyone’s precious time, but are not afraid to throw the schedule out if conversation dictates it.

Here’s another testimonial by way of proof:

“Mark delivered a board away-day for New Writing North. With minimum fuss and excellent diagnostic skills he delivered a really useful and enjoyable day which got straight to the heart of the issues that we needed to address. It was also genuinely fun. I’ve known Mark for many years in different job roles and as a writer and would not hesitate to recommend him at Thinking Practice.”