Well, it’s been very quiet on the blog this year, hasn’t it. This has been to leave you time to digest some significant developments in UK arts policy thinking – including ACE investment proposals, AHRC Cultural Value Project final report, DCMS Culture White Paper, just to mention three.

It’s also been because I’ve been deep in one of those periods where every time I thought of blogging, I was occupied on other important work or recovering from important work with the family. I’ve been working on some significant projects, which I hope to catch you up on here over the next few weeks. They included:

• Finishing writing 20 case studies for the AMA about organizational business models – many up already on CultureHive with more to follow
• Working with Bait on plans for the next three years of Creative People and Places in South East Northumberland
• Working with a great team from EWG on two projects for ACE – one considering how best to increase numbers and experience of disabled people in the cultural workforce, and one working on practical guidance on workforce diversification. (Thank you if you filled in the survey.)
• Starting a collaboration with Consillium on a thematic study of approaches to ‘excellence’ across Creative People and Places projects
• A lot of other facilitation and organizational development work, often in response to changing structures at local level

I want to get back to some regular blogging, as it is part of my own reflective practice. I’ve been reflecting, but not writing, but I always notice something extra when I write – and this blog works on the basis that might be useful to others too. (No need to tell me if not…)

I thought a once in every 50 years Culture White Paper probably deserved a blog – so that follows shortly.