Speaking & Workshops

The picture at the top of this page is one of our favourites, for obvious reasons. Mark Robinson is an accomplished public speaker who has given keynotes, panel presentations and workshops at many conferences.  He has spoken at events in Bulgaria, Romania, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Ireland as well as across the UK, for organisations ranging from &Co, Audiences North East, British Council to Opera Canada and Cultural Trends.

Here’s what Christina Loweon from Opera.ca said after the event:

Thank you so very much for your contribution to the Colloquium. Many months ago when I emailed you to see if you were available and you were, I literally lept with joy as I had a feeling that snagging a keynote from you, would ensure that I had the Colloquium “in the bag” so to speak – and I was right. I am still hearing from people about how much they appreciated your insights and this framework to help think through change.The twitter feed at #boc2011 was looking all lit up for while too.

Mark is especially interested in conferences and events where he can be active in facilitating or participating in discussion, debate and ‘live thinking’, as well as simply presenting. He likes to challenge, stimulate, inform and provoke and give people something to think about. This has on one occasion led to him being called ‘a bit metaphor-tastic’, but he took that as a compliment.

Mark is also interested in documenting conferences for people, in a creative and informed way. He created a conference report in verse form for Tyneside Cinema, ‘live’ on the day and then in a publication, and has also been tweeter-in-residence for Creative Case North and produced the 2016 Creative People & Places conference report.

Some events Mark has taken part in:

How Can Art Make A Difference, Platform A, Middlesbourgh, 2019
Creative Kernow Cultivator Conference 2018
Boosting Resilence 2018
Northern Music Education Hubs Conference 2017Kumuwuki/Big Wave: Regional Arts Australia National Conference, 21 October 2012, Goolwa, Australia
2011 Banff Opera Colloquium “Leadership in a Changed World” August 19-21, 2011, Banff Canada
Museums United: how to be resilient and have impact, Museums Association, November 2014
Society of Chief Librarians – Carnegie Library Lab Innovation Masterclass, Manchester September 2014
Brave New World: Arts Marketing Association conference, Glasgow, 2011
&Co: How Do We Measure Value in Relation to Our Audiences, Leeds 16 September 20110
Arts Marketing Association ‘Brave New World’ conference 19 July 2011, Glasgow
Arts Council England: Launch of Creative Case for Diversity September 2011
Westminster Media Forum: Arts & Culture, Filling the Funding Gap, March 2011

Mark has also delivered workshops at conferences and as stand-alone training events.