Normal service being resumed

Celebrating crowds gather in Green Dragon Yard at the news that Mark Robinson may be about to finally get his arse back in gear on the blog…

Actually this is Pere Faure performing at SIRF 2013 earlier this month. He’s miming to local radio, as you do. if he was miming to my ‘radio’ for July and August so far he’d have had to find comic, amusing and charming ways to physically represent some of the following:
– evaluating the Festival of the North East (see full report here)
– helping people in Darlington think about how the Council might spend any money they get from the sale of the sadly-former Arts Centre (see Darlington for Culture chair John Dean’s article on Guardian website here)
– facilitating the Northern Dance Artists Seminar in Leeds (Me actually very easy to depict here: shoulders back, belly in, except when I forgot.)
– helping AV Festival recruit some great new staff to work on next year’s festival
– agreeing to advise the North East Cultural Partnership which “was launched in Durham, showing continued commitment from the region’s local authorities to working together on culture, despite the removal of the R word from ‘official’ lexicons
– RT-ing the hell out of Seven Stories shortlisting for the National Lottery Awards ‘Best Education Project’, which they won – big congratulations to the team there. Great organisation to be on the board of.
– some tendering and sorting out of exciting future work
– flogging a few copies of How I learned to sing, getting that first review (thanks, The Crack) and it being a good one – ‘a fabulous collection’ to cut it short! – and sorting readings for the autumn. If anyone who’s bought and read and liked the book (a considerable ‘hat-trick’ I know!) fancied ‘reviewing’ it on Amazon or elsewhere to give potential readers a feel, that’d be much appreciated too.
– intensive research trips to the galleries and museums of Paris, Marseille (Capital of Culture this year, more on that anon) and Nice
– and the small family matters of son’s degree show, throwing a party to celebrate 25 years of being married, and watching my father-in-law get an honorary doctorate at Huddersfield University.

But one of my ‘resolutions de la rentrée’ is to blog more regularly, at least once a week. If I don’t deliver on that, you may have your money back.