Kumuwuki Keynote

If you click on the lovely image above – even I could take a good photograph of Graeae/La Fura del Baus’ Prometheus in Stockton this summer – you should find a copy of my keynote speech to the Kumuwuki/Big Wave Regional Arts Australia conference in Goolwa on October 21st, as referred to previously. I’ve some issues uploading to Slideshare on the move, as the file is a bit big, but it you click on the image below you should find a pdf of the slides too, if you want to see some of the visual things referred to in the text. (At the event I used a couple more pictures kindly provided by Northern Stage but had to take them out to get the file size down for uploading. It is still quite a large file though, be warned. I will add a slideshare link when I’m able to put it up there.)