MMM is proud to have Mark as an Associate. Mark epitomises the kind of leadership we need in an age of complexity. His ability to encourage everyone to participate meaningfully in the task at hand makes him a brilliant convenor and facilitator. His capacity to reflect creates the conditions for conversations that matter and for wicked problems to be solved and his creative thinking and analytical skills have played a large part in pushing the edges of cultural policy and practice into the 21st century. He has played an key role in MMM’s story thus far, most recently as one of the architects and the lead evaluator of our revolution network.

Clare Cooper
Mission Models Money
Thinking Practice worked on the business plan for for Live Theatre. The knowledge and experience of Mark Robinson was incredibly useful forming the plan for this social enterprise. Live Theatre couldn’t recommend Thinking Practice more highly for developing strategic perspectives on projects.

Jim Beirne
Live Theatre
I commissioned Mark to write what became ’21 Ways of looking at The Sponsors Club’ because I knew he’d get what we needed to mark our 21st birthday and point to the future. As a self-confessed ‘policy-wonk’ and a published poet, I knew he’d understand the intended audience of partners and stakeholders and that it needed to fit our ‘style’. When the work arrived I loved it, as did our staff, designer and printer. Above all the reaction from our audience has been tremendous. Everyone has said the same thing, the work celebrates The Sponsors Club in the style of The Sponsors Club. Brief fulfilled.

Adam Lopardo
The Sponsors Club